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Originally Posted by ontic View Post
Thanks for the PM John,
I thought I might as well ask here rather than by PM.
Could you expand some discussion on your units for twin plugged bikes?
Feel free to speak in general terms, though if you want to get specific my bike is a G/S, will have 1000cc siebenrock barrel piston combo, will have a 296 camshaft (engine work mostly 2K to 5.5K), vm34 mikunies... etc.

I'm actually quite interested in a powerdynamo set-up (twin plug version) but am still 'shopping' now and for a while yet.

Post up here or if you'd rather PM that is fine with me too,
My setup has two options for twin plug BMW's as yours has Mikunies I would recommend my 22 degree Ignition Module seting the idle advance at 6 DBTDC with a maximum advance of 28 degrees. With stock Bings and a twin plug setup I set idle at 0 degrees with a 26 degree maximum advance.

I use this setup on my 1996 R100GSPD with a 1070 long rod Seibenrock Barrell/Piston/Rod/Cam kit stock Bings jetted down to suit the larger capacity, twin plugged with early model S heads and large valves.

I also use it on my 1990 R100GS Twin Plugged.

The powerdynamo setup is quite different being a CDI, and I understand quite limited in electrical power output. I use (and stock) 450 watt alternators as I often have extra lights, heated grips and a heated vest running so 280 watts is not enough for me, on a race/rally bike it might be the go. Powerdynamo setup is crank mounted too so no option for a spare Hall Effect sensor, if it fails (as they sometimes do) then you are walking.

Good luch with your search.

John Olive.

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