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Thanks guy's..... I was trying to create a flow of the extension that mated with the old lines, and as I don't have access to a CAD, and draw matchstick men..... Only thing for me is visualize, and make one. This one is certainly functional, but I wanted it to look better. I am my own worst critic, but I don't mind plugging along. There are some voids that needs fixing. That was ironically not just due to the crazy angles, but more so to the fact I laid down 3 layers wet. You see you can get away with doing strange things to one layer.....two.....perhaps....three....Not so much, and it now becomes very stiff. If you lay down the first layer tacky.... at least two things will happen. First... The resin you have brushed on the mould will now have pooled .... Two....Lots of small voids because the now low viscous resin will not yield good saturation of the cloth. It will stick like flypaper though....., and the voids could be fixed after separation. Instead... you come back every thirty minutes, and " re-attach" the fibers as the resin gets tacky...... I will fix this beak, and begin work on the next one, that I have visualized..... Then focus on the Fork slider, and brake lines. Fork sliders should be done in a day or two.... Heat gun....check...... lexan sheet.......check.....

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