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Originally Posted by Baharaider View Post
Anybody able to tell me if the 690 and 950se rear suspension can interchange? What i really need to know is if the swing arm/shock mount points measure the same. The bushings can be different size for my needs but the width/ length ect. Need to match. I am wanting to put a timbersled sno-track kit on my 950 but they only make a fitment kit up to the 690 :( :( and they have never had a call for a 950 kit i think we can all agree it will be baddddassss when done!! Thanks to any and all whom my be able to help...
Have them tell you the mounting width dimension and you can measure it on you machine. They have know that spec and have it on a sheet for reference. However, I have only dealt with the install issues of Explorer and 2moto, not T-sled.

You are not the only fella loving the thought of spinning track with the LC8.
My SnowHawk and 950 sit beside each other and talk shit, all night in the garage, about who's got the high mark or tightest tree-lined side hill, if they both wore tracks. I have ridden and done business with most the single ski toys, except a Timber sled conversion. Looking forward to the day, this winter, that I can get together with the one ski gang in McCall for the Winter carnival race. I'll be trying a Timbersled bike, then, for sure!

I handle/ride my 950 like a snow bike and a snow bike like my 950, so its pretty easy to rip on both, with all the practice.
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