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[QUOTE=Zombie_Stomp;19867376]Hah! no pitting, no scoring, what kind of "basket case" is this really? Not much, looks like the only basket involved is the one full of parts. Really though, wouldn't hurt to replace that cam chain and tensioner spring. With this bike, once it's together, there's no adjusting the cam chain, and really impossible to tell if there's stretching. As for your kickstarter, here's a photo:]

I think I'll soak the parts in salt water for 2 weeks, just to get some pitting/scoring if it makes you feel any better!

The kickstarter link was helpful. The one washer was superceded by another. I'll order it today.
I 'think' I can determing stretching on the chain by reassembling to that point, and verifying the marks lining up at cylinder head and timing mark on flywheel? If it's off then chain is stretched? Still debating but your suggestion is definitely being considered,and moving up the scale of 'do'.

Any ideas of why timing chain guide would break off? That's the only thing 'what has' me puzzled right now...
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