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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
Example: say Chaleco has a mechanical and finishes almost last (like Jonah and his electrical gremlins in '11). this is a guy that is Dakar podium material / potential. Do you reseed him in 130th the next day? That is just asking for trouble. He will be pushing through too many riders that are much slower than him, which is a liability to both parties. It is impossible to control how reckless drivers of his calibre will be to make up positions, and how many chances they will be willing to take. It is what they do for a living and what puts food on their table (with all due respect to the privateers)

I still think reseeding riders last at the end of their respective "speed group" (easily determined looking at times / average speeds) is still the safest option for rallies.
I'm with Brodo. Reseeding doesn't apply only to DNF's. Elite riders who spent 4 or 5 more hours than the average of their "speed group", fought the whole day to drag the bloody Sherco stuck in 2nd gear or finished the stage with a truck battery on their lap because the stator gone south. They may still be fighting for a top 10 or even top 5, despite having lost 4 or 5 hours in a stage. Letting them start the next day from the 100th position doesn't make much sense from a security point of view. IMHO.

Re-seeding happens how many times in a rally? I can't remember that many for the subject to be discussed as a blatant injustice ? The ones I remember weren't that polemic (Jonah?). They are not altering the classification chart, they are just releasing fast riders on the course. Maybe I see it this way because I always imagine rallye stages in fast open ground where overtaking is possible, though always dangerous because of dust.

There's so much involved in rallying that I don't believe reseeding creates any sensible unbalance or unfair advantage either for the ones being reseeded or for the ones getting the reseeded to enter the stage before them. If I would be fighting for 17th place I wouldn't care less if I would enter the track in 16th vs 17th . As I never done it this opinion is worth shit, but anyway...
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