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Originally Posted by HBN View Post
A huge thank you to Blooch and Banshee for their wonderful hospitality and exceeding awesomness.


Great weekend and I hope to see many of you again soon at Ride To Beer

Here's a different view of the same events:

I had a great time at this event.

Mike showing off his cargo

My beloved GPS

Camp set up

Skippii & T.C.

The fire, late on Saturday

BWDR has support



Seneca Rocks?


At the top of Seneca Rocks


Going to the river that runs through a cave

Sinks of Gandy: the river/cave thing

Inside the Sinks of Gandy

Looking out of the Sinks of Gandy

Radio observatory

The cake


Fire #2

Fire Tower looking over

Fire Tower view

At the BBQ place on the way back

Spotted in downtown DC on the way back
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