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When I get my straightened front wheel on I am going to make some airbox setup experiments. Now that it's running much stronger everywhere for the higher CR, bigger intake valves, dual plugging, remapped advance curve, port work, and maybe even my monster 4130 pushrods, I think I can afford to gain a bit on top for a loss down lower. It's all a bit of a guess right now since I am trying to monitor too many things at once but it seems like I am running out of air at top rpm more so than before the mods. My hunch makes sense since it is making more torque everywhere and peak air intake goes hand in hand with and in direct proportion to peak torque. I finally might have outgrown my almost stock box? It won't take too long to find out since I have many modified setups waiting to re-test. I am going to try shorter velocity stacks too. We'll see. I certainly won't give up too much for peak hp. Peak hp? First you have to GET to peak hp!
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