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I ride around here enough that I am frequently posting pix and stories about my rides. After I put this up, I realised this thread would be perfect for me to use for covering my two-wheeled exploits in South Central PA. and wherever I may day-trip out to. Cheers.
PS: I threw a bunch of links to stuff into the opening chapter last night. Don't get used to that.

Sunday Oct 21 2012:
Had a day off today (YAY ) and after I slept in,the Girlfriend & I went out for a nice ride.

But first a stop for breakfast... or lunch? What would you call eggs, pancakes, sausages, & home fries at 1:00 PM? If I just woke up (I had), it's STILL breakfast to me. There are a couple diners near us, down along the river. We chose this one today, and yes, Miss C had the pumpkin pancakes with actual REAL maple syrup.

After, we began to ride upriver- but I quickly felt the need to just head west off the river route, out into the valley. The sky was bright and sunny, with BIG puffy white clouds. The clouds cast their shadows on the mountainsides, where they danced over the tree tops.

We turned north, going up Waggoner's Gap (PA route 74)
on what we call the North Mountain, which we'd been riding parallel to for several miles. This mountain is actually officially the Blue Mountain.
Wiki Link Here

This "gap" at the top of the ridge, is right along the major inland migratory flyway, and is down range from Hawk Mountain which gets all the glory. Check the Raptor Count for today on the Hawk Mountain page to see what kind of numbers I'm talking here in peak migration- it's staggering. The Audobon Society has a presence up at Waggoner's Gap, & with it being peak migration season right now, the parking at the top was too crammed for us to stop for any shots of the valley below. But the mountain was as colorful as I've ever seen it. Indeed- all the "leaf-lookers" were out & about, Sunday driving just like we were. I bet we passed 50 bikes or more during the course of our day's ride, but yeah, there were lots of cars too...

Over the ridge, and out into Perry County, PA. Perry County -being largely quite rural- is the brunt of all the incest jokes around these parts. To this day, there isn't a single traffic light to be found in the entire county.

Back around we went, up and over the same ridge again At Doubling Gap- and out across the Great Cumberland Valley to the South Mountain along PA route 233.

Doubling Gap Map Here

This is interesting because the mountain actually doubles back on itself creating a definite "S" shape! there is a spot west of where we were, up on a dirt road where you can see the entire thing. We weren't up there today, but I've provided an aerial view in the above link for you.

Out across the great Valley we went, back up onto the mountain at Pine Grove Furnace State Park, down into Mount Holly Springs, over to Boiling Springs, Following the good old Yellow Breeches Creek home. By the time we were getting near the end of the ride, the day had grown long, and so had the shadows. As it was actually dangerous to stop along the roadside for pix, due to the amount of cars and bikes out- I took precious few photos along the rest of the ride- but we did have a nice time, and it was really great to be out with my baby in tow.

The Great Valley Map

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