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Originally Posted by rtwpaul View Post
can you elaborate on this, where (town/ area) and what was the problems, i'll be in that area soon, would be good to know what to look out for

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you but we've either been out of internet touch or we've had very little time to log in and check or comment.

In Colombia we were going to go up to the most northern town in South America, Caserio Taroa, so we could add it to the most southern, western and eastern. No real reason to add all the points other than having a destination. While on our way up north from Cartagena we were talking to a local and he told us of some unrest in the area up north. It seems that it was labor related and not political. He said that there had been some shots fired at some vehicles, boats and buildings in the coal company areas. It seems that the workers aren't happy with their lot in life and want some attention. We decided that, after finding out that the road we were to take is mainly a coal haul road and is full of nothing but coal trucks and has little or no scenery, there wasn't a reason to go anyplace where someone was shooting at anything.
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