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Hypothetically speaking, what's the protocol for passing a firetruck? I mean one on the way to a fire, with lights on and all that. What if he was only doing 70, in Oklahoma which only has straight roads? Guess I was in a bigger hurry than him. The look on his face was priceless though.

And in Oklahoma, if you want to go in a diagonal direction, say northwest, you can't. They severely frown upon anything that resembles a curve or turn. In fact this is the only way to do it in Oklahoma:

Oh, and let's not forget the wind. It's a good thing gas is cheap here because between the boredom and the wind, I was down to 33mpg today.

And to the Trip Gods; thanks so much for responding to my request for warmer temperatures. I really appreciate the enthusiasm you put into it, but I'm all set now. You can turn off the oven anytime please, thanks.

Currently in Liberal, Kansas. Decided to treat myself to a hotel room since I'm still not feeling great. That, and I stink.

Had lots of thoughts about job stuff that I wanted to get to tonight as well as compiling some footage from Skyline Drive, but I've simply run out of steam. More tomorrow I hope.

Thanks for riding along, I needed the company today.

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