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Originally Posted by NZ Adventure View Post
... even many experienced riders steer clear of the 1200 for any off road sections as they are just too big and cumbersome and take the fun out of it. Although to contradict myself they are capable of doing it but with my ability much slower than the smaller bikes.
It almost sounds like you are referring to our 800's as small easy to handle dirt bikes in this paragraph. I love seeing my bike on the internet in capable hands, but I also know that for myself it still ends upside down on a hill and wont' stand back up even with two men grunting. I'm just saying that comparing the 800 to 1200 for nimbleness is a bit like comparing the 747 vs C-5 for the same. These big GS Beemers are great powerful bikes that display amazing stability in a straight line over impossible terrain AND they go all day fully loaded on the freeway... but let's not kid ourselves.
adĚvenĚture exciting or very unusual experience.
hat a great 40,000 mile adventure on the trusty F800GS. Looking forward to the next 40k.
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