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Strange Noises and NO-GO!

Year 2000 1150GS, 94K miles. No major problems until...

Washed the bike yesterday. On my dry-off ride the bike stalled twice from a standstill, then quit all together. In attempting to start it, I noticed when I turned on the kill switch with the ignition on the fuel pump would make it's normal noise but perhaps twice or continually. At the same time I noticed a clicking noise eminating from somewhere underneath the tank. At the time it sounded like a small sparking sound. I assumed water got somewhere it shouldn't, and after fiddling and pulling some fuses the bike started fine and I was able to ride it home.

Running errands tonight the bike did the same thing. All the same symptoms, but this time I'm fairly certain the clicking noise that I thought was a small sparking sound was actually the injectors firing willy-nilly. After many attempts to start trying different combinations of relays and fuses pulled, the clicking noises are absent and I've determined the injectors are not delivering fuel. Had to trailer the bike home.

Any similar experiences? Any educated guesses as to the cause and therefore, the fix?

Thanks in advance!
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