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Originally Posted by tHEtREV View Post
Australia is out.

We may have the terrain, but there is no way that you could get the relevant Government departments to allow access to it.

Actually... Australia; because of the large tracts of private land (cattle stations etc.) is one of the few places in the world where you CAN run an event like the DAKAR without having to use vast tracts of government controlled land (and all the red tape that is involved).

Yeah... it's not likely that one would get permission from the South Australian Gov't to run up through the Flinders Ranges National Park, or a permit to run straight across the Simpson Desert conservation area - off piste/GPS nav style... but once the Australian Gov't saw the publicity and economic clout that the DAKAR brings with it... even some of those doors could swing open... Just look at what West Australian government contacts afford the Oz Safari to run this year... the beach and dune stages.... AWESOME!

That sort of thing is unheard of on the east coast states!

So don't shitcan the idea cap in hand people... it could happen... How likely it is...? Well, I reckon only the brass at Australasian Safari and the ASO management are the ones best positioned to have an idea of what the answer is.
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