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Originally Posted by Hayate View Post
It almost sounds like you are referring to our 800's as small easy to handle dirt bikes in this paragraph. I love seeing my bike on the internet in capable hands, but I also know that for myself it still ends upside down on a hill and wont' stand back up even with two men grunting. I'm just saying that comparing the 800 to 1200 for nimbleness is a bit like comparing the 747 vs C-5 for the same. These big GS Beemers are great powerful bikes that display amazing stability in a straight line over impossible terrain AND they go all day fully loaded on the freeway... but let's not kid ourselves.
Have you ridden off road with. 19" front wheel 100lbs+ more weight against 21" front wheel and lighter weight?...i assume your interpretations based on your your own riding style. I don't make any suggestion that an 800 is a dirt is not. But it is certainly (in my experience) easier to take over difficult terrain than its 1200cc big brother. I don't even know what a C 5 is...assume it's a plane therefore I can't compare as never had one of those off road or had to pick it up. :-)
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