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And after a long day my new GPS stopped functioning and i had to resort once again to using my terrible sense of direction:

I only made it into NYC twice. Partly because I've been there so many times, partly because I was/am feeling particularly introverted, and partly because I was thoroughly enjoying the Doc's Harbor experience, I didn't cover NY the way I had originally anticipated. But if you're curious about NY and have never been there, GO! You don't need to spend a week there (it's expensive!), but there really is no city like it. You can get a great feel of the place in 2-3 days and provided you go around Sept./October, the weather will be conducive to walking everywhere. The first couple times I went I just set out in the morning with a tourist map and started walking from point of interest to point of interest. The museums are incredible and despite what everyone says, I find the people in NY (in general, not just NYC) to be really fucking awesome. They're friendly if you engage them--and even friendly when you don't (unlike fearful and apprehensive San Franciscans).

Oh I should also mention that one of the parking garages I parked in scratched the hell out of my front fairing. If you look closely at the parking garage pic, you'll notice a small storage place where they kept rugs and looked like junk to me, but apparently they do haul them in and out quite frequently (which would explain why they use that spot for motorbikes). Dr. J gave the supermodel a bit of a nose job when we swapped out my brake pads, though, which helped to hide the horror.
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