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Originally Posted by ultane View Post
Hey Adam,

I have a set of the original model SMH10's purchased from you and used with an android phone. I remember that there were some iPhone users having trouble with the SHM10's. I haven't kept up with the SMH10 thread over in Equipment, so I thought I'd ask here.

Comments below...

1. Are the newer models of the SMH10 any better at receiving bluetooth stereo tunes from an iPhone4s while also paired with a BMW Nav 4?

Not really. With the Nav IV, its cousin the Garmin Zumo 660/665 since the GPS and the iPhone both need to stream music over the BT headset profile, the conflict still exists. Since the Nav IV only has a BT output - no hardwired connection, this limits options even further.

2. Is Siri usable with an iPhone while paired with a BMW Nav 4?

Yes, mostly works. Wind noise into the mic could be an issue, depending on your helmet/windscreen. The boom mic with the wind blocking cap and larger mic sponge would be better than the chinbar mic, I think.

3. Is voice dialing usable with an iPhone4s while paired with a BMW Nav 4?

Same story as with Siri, above.

4. Is Motion X GPS usable while listening to tunes from an iPhone?


5. I saw a new sleeker low profile design SMH unit has debuted. When will it be available? What improvements have been made with the new design verses the older design?

That's the SMH10R. It's a concept only at the moment. If I had to guess, I would expect a mid-2013 availability.
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