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Originally Posted by runnin4melife View Post
Erling, for the brake lines you need to flush the whole system to rid the old fluid. Best way to do this is to disconnect the right caliper first (it is the terminal caliper) then open up the reservoir up top and pump away. Once fluid has ceased coming out of that caliper then DC the left one and pump some more. I add some clean dot 4 while doing this to flush out the ABS side. Once those two calipers are relatively dry I DC'd the top banjo and set a rag up to pick up any fluid run off. After you have your new lines connected it is easier to open the bleed valves on both and fill the reservoir and pump until fluid comes out continuously. This will remove the most air from the lines. After this point it is time to initiate the bleeding. The lil vacuums are great but I have broken two of them so I just do it the old fashioned way. The trick is that you bleed one line at a time while maintaining pressure on the brake line. If you try to bleed both simultaneously or one then the other you will not expel the air from the lines. I think all and all I did about 15 bleeds before I had complete pressure. It takes a bit but it definitely helps to do it like this.
Yeppers...... I guess that is what I ended up with..... I did not blow all the old fluid out.... But rather just flushed about a quart of dot4 through. First half pint was the nasty old stuff, and then it became clear, as the fresh fluid filled the lines. I was just puzzled as of how long it took. Once I hooked up the vacuum chamber, it became short work....he he.....And brake is back to normal.

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