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The engine is not the issue in the technical stuff, its the weight of the damn thing . Like the man said, to tame the engine just lug the engine a bit.

Having said that the main solution to all your ills in the rough stuff is to do just the opposite, keep focused on where you`re going a long way out, keep her spinning up and point her in the right direction. She will take care of the rest

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You aren't going to be adding any weight to the 9x0 Lc8's flywheel/rotor w/o lots of work. And you're not adding anything to the crankshaft itself unless you're in the crankshaft business

2-strokes have a different arrangement that allow you to add a balanced disc to the outside of the ignition/charging flywheel. LC8's don't share this arrangement at all...

Perhaps a G2 throttle cam w/changeable profiles will help with throttle control.

If the bike is too peaky for your liking then go UP (not down) a tooth on the front sprocket- going down allows the engine to rev up faster while adding a tooth does the opposite.

Just put her in 3rd gear & lug it to keep from breaking the rear tire loose
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