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Just another data point:

I recently bought a 30k mile 04 950 and rode it back from SLC to Austin, TX. It had only 500 miles on the oil change using motorex 10w-50, when I left SLC. When started cold, it would do the typical rattle until the CCT built up pressure, then it sounded like any other LC8. Thing was, once that oil got warmed up well, it started rattling pretty bad, along with a flickering oil light. Not as bad as in the video, but enough that it made me quite uneasy, especially having to ride the bike thousands of miles home.

The light and sounds would pretty much always go away when revved to about 2500.. but I did get the feeling it was tied to oil temp. Cooler oil = less revs required to quiet things down. Sometimes the clutch would even be really grabby after a hot start.

I get the bike home, and install the updated pressure regulator assembly (not just the piston), and new cam chains because mine were only measuring ~4mm at the cover screw. Along with fresh oil, I haven't seen the oil pressure light once (when actually running), and the idle is MUCH quieter. The CCT plugs still measured less than 7mm so I'm going to get guides and install them at some point in the future..

For now my impression is that the issue is tied to oil temp.

One other interesting detail.. when I had the big clutch/timing cover off to pull the balance shaft, there was a very large aluminum shaving in the sump below the suction (flat) screen. The color of it suggests that it has been there a while (exact same darker aluminum color as the cast, unmachined parts of the engine case under the clutch cover). And I couldn't find any place under the clutch or stator cover it came from through scraping or contact. Besides, it looks just like an aluminum shaving from a machining process. It would seem this was left over from production and only got dislodged and flushed out when the engine started running.. between that and the frequency of casting sand being in the cooling ports makes me thing KTM wasn't that diligent about cleaning the engine cases before assembly.
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