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Thanks again for the tips

We're basically the street legal portion of our RV riding crew, so we want to camp with the gear. (everyone else has RZR's or green sticker stuff) Gold Point will have to wait, but the bar sure looked interesting! Our pumpkin guy is working on that fan issue, I think he has one now. Sharp handling bike. Not sure I want a fuel injected bike, so I will stay old school for a few years at least.

I haven't spent much time riding the xr400. Did about 70 miles headed from camp to Schmidts' Tunnel out in Randsburg, but not much else of any consequence. Played around a bit in Spangler Hills. Most hard core off roading I did this summer was on the xr600 and xr250r. (I've only had the xr's 5-8 months) The xr400 had some really great Precision Concepts forks I pulled off and put on my Xr600. Really made a difference in deflection and rock handling. I have some spare forks for the xr400 I picked up from a buddy but they need going thru. (Stock) Unfortunately, the xr400 has the bigger 4 gal tank. I think it's the logical thing to bring to DV and use the xr600 for stuff closer to the fuel source. Keep the speeds down 50-55 mph and either should be good. That xr400 tank will go on the xr250 but the ponies just aren't there for the hills, such as Lippencott, Pleasant Valley or the road portion from Stovepipe to PSR. Gas mileage is tho! That thing climbs rocks, ledges, and steps better than anything I've ridden.

Lots of great, sublime scenes up there I remember. I hope to get out there and see that area you mentioned not far from Independence, but I think in mid Nov the snow will close that in. Really enjoyed the scenery going down Lippencott. Hope to see things from Hunter Pass this year. (Every time I get there it's snowed)

Thanks again,
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