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Update: After the bike sat overnight, It started flawlessly this morning. Makes me believe the recurring problem is either completely random, or perhaps more likely heat-related.

Originally Posted by Jim Moore View Post
A couple things before you start buying parts. First, the HES on the 1150 series is much less prone to failure than on the 1100 bikes. If you had an 1100 I would definitely be concerned about the HES. On the 1150, not so much.

Second, I don't think the HES signals control the injectors. They control spark. Actually they probably have some input to injector signal, but I'd be a little surprised if the HES would cause the injectors to fire randomly, or at all.
Jim, I appreciate your opinions and wisdom, and certainly express your skepticism as to the diagnosis, but please follow up with a firm belief in an alternative diagnosis. What else could cause my injectors to fire randomly and rapidly with ignition and kill switch "on", without the motor running?

Originally Posted by kbroderick View Post
I experienced a very similar set of symptoms this morning...I ordered a new HES from Beemer Boneyard; it may be a pricey step without being 100% sure of the problem, but given my current free-time quota, I think it's worth a shot.

(My bike is a 2000 R1150GS with about 103k on it, BTW)
Kbroderick, let me know if the new part solves the problem.

Thanks for all replies!
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