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KTM 990 Transmission modification

Prognosis: The ADV has lot's of power but the current gearing is a compromise. With stock sprockets (16 front - 42 rear), 1st gear is not low enough for off road, and 6th gear does not get great fuel mileage.

Of course, I know changing the front and rear sprockets can give more low end torque or high end fuel economy. But this impacts all gears, so it doesn't really solve the problem.

A few years ago, there was a mod kit for the 1100/1150 GS that lowered the 1st gear ratio to provide more low speed torque. Is something like that possible on the 990 transmission? Has anyone considered or heard about modifying the transmission ratios on the 990/950 on the main and counter shafts to make 1st gear is lower and/or 6th gear is higher?

We have many talented and creative individuals and fabricators here (I'm looking at you CJRacer, Sakurama, BDCW, Touratech, and others...). So come on, there must be a way to do this...
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