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good point.. but I guess it really depends on what the OP is really after. An autoclutch does wonders in tight technical stuff as it makes your beast nearly stall proof. I find that most people have trouble maintaining good throttle/clutch control when the going gets rough.. like riding along a rocky section, up on the pegs, and your front wheel hits a boulder and instead of feathering the clutch a little and blipping the throttle, your reaction is to pull the clutch in all the way and you kill your momentum, and the motor stalls, and the next thing you know, your dropping your mammoth steed on the rock tops. So if that's the concern for the OP, an autoclutch, and maybe smaller CS would definitely help IMO.. I wouldn't waste money on a G2 throttle tube.. those are useful on an explosive small bore two stroke, but IMO, the big KTM twin spins up rather slowly already.. heh

Personally tho, I'd ride it like it is, and just give it a lot more seat time.. and something some folks rarely do, practice practice and practice.. even in flat space like a parking lot.. do some slow speed drills.. they will work wonders on your confidence in handling and throttle/clutch control

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Once the Rekluse engages it's still the same engine you're dealing with.

Auto-clutches save your left forearm from abuse & offer better starts on hills if you stop- but it's still power/gear selection in the end. Plus you lose closed- throttle engine braking when the RPMs drop below engagement point, as well as the ability to bump-start the bike
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