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well I changed some stuff of the CBR and it ran terrible. Decided that I could waste more time and keep guessing or buy a wideband o2 and start guessing edumacatedly

Since I have 2 bikes that can benefit, I bought a Innovate Motorsports LM2 wideband AFR meter that also data logs. I spoke to Innovate and this was exactly the kit they recommend, especially since I have multiple bikes. The guy explained it like this. Weld in the bungs, screw in the O2 sensor. Hook up the analog wires to TPS sensor if I want (which I think could be really useful), tach output (splice in) put the SD memory card in the handheld meter, plug the power into 12v cig, toss the meter in a backpack or ziptie to handlebars and go ride. It will datalog all the relevant information during the ride, I can come back, download to my laptop and see where the fuel ratio is at all rpms and throttle positions. As I have never done this before, I imagine that there will be some learning curve, as well as some jetting purchases to correct the problems that I find. I could easily see spending hours and weeks trial and erroring this bike, or I can go for a short ride, come home and look at the data and make a more informed decision. I'm pumped for this tool, I think it will be really cool to try.

Hopefully I can keep a running log of what I do and post the info and folks with knowledge can chime in on proposed fixes.

If it works well, I plan to do that same thing to the FZ1. That bike already runs really well, so it might be more fun to try it on that bike first.

The CBR only runs at idle and full throttle. Which is exciting
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