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Note from Ian

Thought I'd post this reply email from Ian which was very helpful in understanding my options. I'm 6-2 and I am SOOO over the noise and chest push of the OEM "touring windsheild" for the 690e. Here's what Ian says:

I hear you on the ‘big’ Adv bikes and I guess that’s really how the Lynx came about. At the time it was designed, I had a big GS 1150 and a Husky 610 and I always faced the problem of which bike to take on a trip. I concluded that the only benefit of the GS was ‘getting me there’ and was no fun at all once off road. So, I went about trying to ‘soften’ the 610 for journeys and along with a decent seat and Luggage, the Lynx was created.

Anyway, there are ways of increasing the wind coverage and this starts by fitting one of our screens from the Mirage 2 ( for the GS800). This is 1- 1/2” taller and an inch wider and runs with the same slots and clamps. I won’t say the difference is huge, but it is better. The only reason we don’t make the Lynx screen bigger in the first place, is that the screen becomes more vulnerable in a tumble off road. We are actually thinking of offering this screen as a second ‘touring screen’ option on the Lynx.

Beyond that, some guys have fitted the small 10”Laminar lip extension shown here : which works well.

As for lights, if you don’t ride a whole lot at night, the best combo is HID low beam/Halogen High. As you are probably aware, most people don’t use hi beam that much, so there isn’t much gain by investing $95 in that light. However, the low beam is on at all times so you are saving the system 30w all of the time ( 35w vs 65w). 50% more light doesn’t go amiss either on these darker days ! This is the most popular light combo we do and nearly 90% of guys have HID on one or both lights ( normally just the low)."
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