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Originally Posted by vintagerider View Post
I'm kinda surprised that any issue with the HES would cause "rapid firing of the injectors".
Vintagerider, thank you for your suggestions, I appreciate your knowledge on this matter, however, I believe the mystery symptom here is the "rapid firing of the injectors". If there was an issue with the ignition/light switch, in your experience and/or opinion could it cause this condition?

This info may help: this evening I was finally able to duplicate the symptoms. The bike started fine and I ran the motor until it had a couple of temp bars showing. I shut it off. Keeping the kill switch in the "on" position, I turned the ignition on and off repeatedly with no evidence of the problem. I let it sit for a few minutes, then turned the ignition on and jiggled the key. The injectors started firing and the fuel pump went through it's start cycle several times. It seemed to coincide with jiggling the key. After maybe 20 seconds the symptoms disappeared and I have been unsuccessful in duplicating this. SO... I removed the ignition/light switch. I took the bottom plastic cover off. All solder joints and wires look good. I separated the two plastic halves of the switch, and I noticed a spring out of place inside the housing. Studying the parts, I realized it was one of the springs that should be under the "Y" shaped contact. I didn't notice any evidence of arcing or sparking, possible discoloration but no damage. I re-assembled the switch, re-installed.

I'm not convinced the loose spring was the problem, as I could have dislodged it myself during disassembly, but could this account for the symptoms? Most notably the "mystery" injector symptom? Additionally, could a loose spring in this switch account for an ongoing overnight battery drain issue I've been experiencing?

Thanks to all for the replies and knowledge!

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