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Originally Posted by Droptarotter View Post
Hey Traveltoad;
Don't shut up quite yet................I have more questions............when you unpack the Overlander can the bags or bag mount stay on the bike?
Do these bags have the inner liner?

With the Overlander 30, if the bags are not fully loaded can you secure or cinch the bags tight so items in the bags do not move around?

I certainly agree with your assessment of packing the Coyote. I also find that you can not totally tighten/cinch up the bag if it is not completely full so loose items move around.

Good photo's also..............thanks.
To unpack the bags all you need to do is open the roll top and pull your stuff out. To make it a bit easier to get your stuff out... and the best way to reload the bags... is to loosen the strap that goes over the seat (one cam buckle), loosen the two cinch straps (one strap adjuster for each cinch strap) and release the three side release buckles (one on each end of the roll top and one strap over the roll top). The bags can absolutely stay on the bike. If you did decide to remove the bags they would come off the bike (and go back on) in less time than the Coyote IMO.

The bags have the same liner that is found in all of the US bags.

I think that if the bags were on the bike empty they would cinch up ok... but you would have a lot of extra strap to stow. They are not really designed to empty though and they go on and come off so easily there is no reason to leave them on empty.

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