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Yes, it is about time for an update. Here's what's going on with my sorry ass . . .

These last two months have been a real stretch. The hard drive backup failure that happened a while back came with some additional surprises.

Some years back I developed a network protocol for use between multiple microcontrollers. Nothing like CANbus or Ethernet, but good for inexpensive 8-bit controllers. I had a requirement for it on a job, and discovered the old firmware data on the hard drive for that project was corrupt and unusable. Lovely. So over the last month I had to recreate the protocol from scratch using sparse notes from over 10 years ago.

Having finished with that, I'm back at the workbench. For those of you who haven't received your IICE Airs, thanks for not staging a revolt.

I should be caught up with emails and messages by tomorrow.


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