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I have one comment about the importing of GPX or whatever you want to call it: The turns are not necessarily at the same place where the gps decides to drop a point so the mileage and the turns will not tie up.

The ONLY way this will work is if you digitize the line in GE, but then there is the problem of different radius curves - How does this tool deal with that? Those of you who have made road books will know what I am talking about here. Sometimes a curve smooth with lots of points and an angle change of 5 degree increments, but its still a hazard or navigation point and would not necessarily be picked up by the software.

Don't get me wrong: I think this is a step in the right direction and I applaud what you guys are doing but I have my doubts its going to make things much easier at all for a while yet. Regardless, I would probably buy a copy anyway if it were available for sale just because when I sleep I dream about road books and road book creation.
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