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Missing Biketoberfest

Left Myrtle Beach and continued on down 17 slightly away from the sea shore. BG was showing her new self being the perfect 55 mph cruiser. Perfect cruising weather at a steady 78 degrees. Checking that old too much heat from the big v twin problem I was now finding it at a minimum. for that alone it was worth the flash.
The first little bit of seashore I came to was out of North Charleston called Isle of thee palms. Hadn't really seen any food stops and it was getting past noon. Just at the south end of this little bit of shoreline there was a few hundred yards of great eateries. I sat down at one and joined a couple of locals named Robin and William for a great conversation on all things from my trip to their movement from the north to this great area. Hearing that probably my deepest most destination south was Key West, they urged me on and gave me good advice on where to go on the way down. Matter of fact I am getting that a lot now. Seems the Keys is a special place. Thanks again, folks.
After lunch I really felt the need to lay down some miles so 17 it was to 95 where I was able to set the Big Gal into high speed cruise mode. Without the least bit of complaint she sang all the way to Savannah. Never saw any camping along the way so I grabbed a fairly cheap motel for the night.
Next day and more interstate to just north of Jacksonville where I was able to join 1A on the coast. My eye caught a skywriter or writers doing this

Really couldn't discern weather it was one guy towing some sort of gizmo or several.

Cool tho. I like anything up in the air.
Some scenic beach here.

And then the ferry crossing.

With this Pelican after the guys' fish

Caught some sort of an airshow going on across the river which turned out to be a very signifigant event at Jacksonville Beach

A short ride to the beach and I joined the crowds to watch for a bit.

An awesone display was put on by this guy.

And it had me remembering the debaucle our government had got itself into trying to buy F35s for,like, a gizillion dollars when, perhaps these would be available for a lot less? Or even the Superhornet. I mean, really!
He even did a flyby with his little WW2 buddy.

I carried on down the coast to find out I was getting 'dangerously close' to Daytona and the last day of bike week.
Stopping at several camping spots along the way I was a wee bit surprised to find the fees were running at $40. I guess after paying $37 outside of Yellowstone, the highest I had ever paid, I made a promise, never again.
So, for $15 more I stopped at the Azure in Flagler Beach.

Now this place was clean and lent itself to real charm.

And, the beach? Well, just the best ever.

This was Sunday and there were still a lot of bikers heading north.
Monday morning I headed down to Daytona and took in some of the backroad good life.

Went to Harley, Guzzi and even BMW looking for a plug for my Nuvi so I could hardwire it in as the cigarette plugin is useless and just vibrates out in a few miles.

Seems nobody carries anything like that.
Anyhoo, down to the beach.

The designated quick tour and the almost deserted streets

And I'm outta there .
Destination Cape Canaveral. What happened to Kennedy? Wasn't it Kennedy for a while?
See it?

See it there?

One more try.

That's it. The place that has left me awe inspired since I don't know when. Think it was about '73 when I was visiting friends in Kissimmee that there was a launch one night that I watched. And even tho I was that far away I still watched it go up like a big Bic lighter.
So today it's off to see the Warbird Museum and The Kennedy Space center. (Or is it Canaveral?)
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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