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Heading back

I've bene quiet lately. But here's what we've got going on...

I'll be flying back from work tonight and will hit the ground running.

24 Oct: Arrive in Fort Lauderdale, FL (drink beer and visit family)
25 Oct: Drive from Fort Lauderdale to Brett's house in Georgia. Stopping at my house (storage unit) in Jacksonville to pick up my camping gear and the remainder of the TCB shirts from Terry. This is going to be a long day.
26 Oct: Gear and supplies layout at Brett's house.
27 Oct: Finalize prepping gear and my bike. (Possibly depart today)
28 Oct: Depart for Baja!!
29 Oct: Driving to Baja..
30 Oct: Driving to Baja...
31 Oct: Driving to Baja....
1 Nov: Meet up with the team (complete) and cross the border into Mexico
2-12 Nov: Pre-ride, pre-ride, pre-ride
13-14 Nov: Ensenada
15 Nov: RACE DAY!!

I always do this by the way. I never allow myself time to decompress and relax after a work trip. As soon as I land I'm always getting into some crazy kind of shenanigans. There's no time to relax...I've got some whoops's ass to kick!
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