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Last Week (Sometime in Oct '12)

I was out taking pix of my bike (R100RS again) and the local river, which is no small trickle- the Susquehanna. After living here for many years, I've come to regard this river as one of the most beautiful bodies of water I've ever known. (or seen)

Here I am across from Harrisburg, capitol pf Pennsyltuckey- where the state politicians have actually had fist fights and brawls on the house or senate floor! I mean hey- it didn't get the nickname Pennsyltuckey fer nothin'!

Moving upriver, a stop at the Marysville Riffles

Here, you can see the great Rockville Bridge in the background. More on that later.

Moving upriver to the confluence of the Juniata and the Susquehanna, but FIRST a stop to view a local land mark- Lady Liberty On The Susquehanna:

Situated in the river's Dauphin Narrows section, standing on an old railroad pier, this mock-up of Statue Of Liberty is made of solid, flat-stacked 3/4" plywood. It weighs about 4 tons and is covered in fiberglass. She holds a Keystone instead of a bible. She was flown out to her spot on the pier using a HUGE ass helicopter. The short flight was launched from Fort Hunter park on the east side of the river. This current version of Lady Liberty replaced the original- which was made from a 4X4, some plywood "ribs" and a shitload of old metal venetian blind blades. It had an "expanding" foam head, which they sprayed out of cans into a mold! The old statue fell down in an ice storm back in the 90s, after gamely weathering many storms and seasonal changes. It took a few years to replace it, but a shiny new one has enjoyed wide notoriety and reknown since. I know all this because I helped take the old one down, and know the guys who snuck it up there to begin with- in the middle of the night with a technical assault on the pier- which stands over 40 feet from the river's surface. I was on the pier when we flew the new one out, after doing much work on the pier itself to ready it for its new statue. From the very bottom of the pier, on the rocks, a 40 foot extension ladder JUST reaches the top of the pier. I do not recall how many 5 gallon buckets of mortar I carried up that ladder during the remake of the pier top. We laid down some skids and mixed the mortar (by hand) on a work station we built at the bottom of the pier- canoeing buckets of sand and bags of mortar out from the east shore. The guy who ram-rodded the project is now running for a political office in PA.

Here I am at the confluence of the Juniata and the Susquehanna. To the right is the Juniata, to the left, Susquehanna.

Next, I rode up the eat side of the river to try to get onto the Millersburg Ferry- but it's only running on weekends now, I guess they back the schedule off a bit before shutting down for the winter. Instead I rode out east on 209 and headed up towards Carsonville, getting up into the mountains.

I had the roads to myself on this fine autumn day.

Past Carsonville- NO I didn't stop at the Carsonville Hotel- But did wave to Dennis, who was out sweeping the entrance ramp. I noodled on down the mountain to Clark's Valley Rd. For those who don't know it, Clark's Valley Rd runs a dead straight 15-20? mile line through the woods with very few intersections other than driveways. Tho the state police Do patrol it from time to time, typically you can just FLY up or down it. I turned off CV Rd, turning right on the MUY FAB Goldmine Road, which runs over a couple sweet ridges in very curvy lines, to PA 443, which runs back to the river along Fishing Creek.

The very cool Rockville Bridge is one of the longest stone arch bridges anywhere- built, (I think) in the 30s by immigrant stone masons. It's a railroad bridge, and sometimes you can see two trains on it at once.

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