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As The Gears Turn...

Originally Posted by BykBoy View Post
We have many talented and creative individuals and fabricators here (I'm looking at you ...Touratech...)
Touratech? You mean the German manufacturer & distributor of (overpriced, questionable) accessories with 135 total posts as a Vendor? Don't think they do much transmission work!

Originally Posted by BykBoy View Post
1st gear is not low enough for off road, and 6th gear does not get great fuel mileage
Go faster in 6th or drop her into 5th... as for 1st not being low enough offroad, I'm not sure what you're talking about...

Spend some time looking into the (final drive) gearing threads OC has with lots of info & experience on this issue

As for the making gears, it's a very complicated & precise set of operations that requires proper machining & grinding of the shaft bore, teeth & gear dogs/mating holes followed by proper hardening & heat-treating. Contact REISHAUER or similar if you're interested but it's gonna cost you big bucks- plus you'd have to supply an entire transmission for mating. Considering they set up assembly lines for GM, Toyota, etc I don't think they're gonna be interested. You could try smaller custom gear manufacturers but most of them are geared (excuse the pun) towards auto transmissions for drag/road-racing applications and are set up w/tooling for a market with 100's of sales a year, not just your two gears. You're looking at the far side of a thousand dollars, easy.

In the end "poor fuel economy" in top gear vs. the cost of the all the seals & gaskets, donor gearbox/custom gears, etc over the life/miles of the bike isn't cost-effective.
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