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I made the Mikuni conversion on an R60/7. I got the kit from Rocky Point and they were jetted way too rich for 5300 feet. I eventually put in the leaner jets provided and lowered my slide needle a couple notches and now it runs great, but I remember getting better gas mileage than 37-40 mpg on the R60/6 I used to have. The plugs look pretty good, and I'm not going to monkey with it anymore. One thing that gave me fits is that the choke plungers weren't going all the way back down when I lifted the choke levers so it would run real rich, wouldn't idle, and dribble gas out the carbs (so I fiddled with the floats). Once I figured this out it tuned up nicely. Every time i lift the choke levers I also push the plungers down with my finger. I also gave them a little shot of WD40.

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