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Originally Posted by snowhawk jockey View Post
Putting together my team!
I'll be moto, with two additional lady motos, and a pair of boys in a Suby WRX. Time to get some funds into the ALCAN committee!
You are going to have sooo much fun on that bike. It's perfect for the event. I'm going to check your grin after every section I know you'll excel at. The nice thing is that the Canol will not have any TSD's and the cars won't use it. That means you can flat haul ass. Your ride back out the next morning will be scintillating! It will ride differently, though... Then you'll have the TOW to smoke too. I don't know about the Haul Road, but if it is like the Dempster it will never be straight and rarely twisty. Boring at 50mph, but you'll be using 4th-6th gear high in the powerband. Not boring at all there! Last is the Denali Highway. It was rough in 2006, smooth in 2010 (3rd-5th). I hope it to be somewhere in the middle in 2014.

The Blackwater is really great too, but we tend to be a little timid early on learning roadbook and all. The Kispiox run was a forest service road that deteriorated enough to be hard on the cars. I bent both rims on it from hitting washouts too fast.

Your women will love it too. They'll be a monster hit on the motos, and have company too. Several women crew the cars and Ace' daughter crewed his hack!

Too much fun...
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