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Day 4

La Higuera to Villa Serrano

We left La Higuera early and headed out on dirt roads to Villa Serrano. We were in the highlands at the end of the dry season. This area really doesn't get a lot of rain even in the wet season. Today's ride was 100% dirt road passing over some low passes and crossing the Rio Grande river.

We passed through a few small villages on the way to Villa Serrano. Most of the villages looked deserted, but the locals were either working somewhere or inside. There weren't many people just walking around.

When we arrived in Villa Serrano we found out it was a festival day for the town. It was sort of like the running of the bulls but I only saw the bulls in the corrals. The local young men would get into to corral and play around with the bulls. I think it was more to impress the girls because the bulls were pretty tame.

Downtown Villa Serrano

To be continued
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