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I've been thinking about how and where to install quick disconnects near the petcocks for quicker/easier removal and install of the tank, but I might have thought of a better way. Better until someone gets in gear and starts making the CPC connector PowerCell showed earlier in the thread that replaces the petcocks entirely, that is!

We need to extend the crossover line anyway. How about cutting the longer part of the crossover line, to the right of the Tee that goes to the fuel pump, and then installing a double-shutoff CPC connector there? You would have to fish the right side line in front of the front cylinder, but it would mean you only have to deal with two quick disconnects to install/remove the tank. One on the crossover line and one to the carbs. You wouldn't have to remove the line from the Tee to the fuel pump each time. The fuel pump and crossover system would come off with the tank.

The only things I'm not sure about with this configuration are:

1. How hard would it be to fish that line through each time?
2. Would a double-shutoff CPC connector flow enough to keep up with the demands of the pump/carbs/engine?
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