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Nice ride report Bob, great pics too. Here's my RR of the epic weekend...heading up the hill friday night

entering Sequoia, this place is like home

mad max

Max checkin' out the Panaroma

Da Grinch with his breakfast of championsI Rolling Rock is the offical trail refreshment of the SNF rides...

Windrat made breakfast burritos both days

4 KTMs a Honda and a Yamaha

our conga line through the forest... Rearsteer and the Grinch takin' the lead

the Grinch and superhobie

superhobie and Orangebeast

Orangebeast and Windrat takein' up the rear.... Windrat sequence, scroll down fast v

There's you're video Razr

Awesome views up there

we had a nice fire after a great day on the trails

Beer, good food and some great stories to end the day...

Sunday morning @ camp, it was a foggy morning.

camp Grinch and Orangbeast

camp Rearsteer

camp Windrat and pcvance

Max the killer dog

it was a nice day at 7400 feet, I took Max for a walk before the rest of the crew woke up.

Orangebeast and Rearsteer helping the Grinch get past the washout,

you could tell it was late October, orange and black was everywhere.

here's the Grinch thinkin' to himself...WTF did I get myself into here!

superhobie and Orangbeast cutting in the trail... doing our part, we are the SOS!

next up, Orangbeast

you might say this trail is a little technical

if you lost a bike off the trail here, it would ruin you're day for sure...

our trail work was not over yet, just down the hill a ways...we found this

a live oak across the trail, oh shit!

a traffic jam in the Kern? WTF?

this ride was set up for our fearless "RIDERS" leader Jeff AKA Bolt, but he could not be there due to a crash the week before, hope you're doing better buddy.

it was a good thing Rearsteer brought his trusty Corona saw! The Grinch stroking it.

this is a great bunch of guys, Scott, Peter, Rob and Steve, Bob we missed you Sunday or should I say you missed it!

Peter walking the walk

our work complete, we get ready to roll onward, this day we rode the Kern canyon from rim to rim west to east, top to bottom and bottom to top! by the days end we rode 127 miles.

Steve goes first on the big XR, he rode thal pig everywhere we did on our smaller bikeshe even did lower Rincon

Rearsteer clear of the oak bridge we built.

the Sunday crew at the top of Cannell, bound for Sherman Pass and beyond

85 miles from camp at the Sherman pass overlook, twin 525's

watch out for those rocks! anyone have an extra 525 header they dont need?

the Kern, what a great place it is.....We all had a great time, thanks to everyone who came for this ride...

In loving memory of my little brother Andy


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