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Vintagerider, I'm happy to answer your questions, but understand the problem is intermittent. I haven't been able to duplicate the symptoms since I took apart the ignition switch, found the loose spring and reassembled/reinstalled.

Originally Posted by vintagerider View Post
Please answer the questions that we already put to you. What are your observations on the dash, with the RID?
I don't remember seeing anything out of the ordinary with the dash lights or RID while the symptoms were occuring.

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Have you cleaned the battery terminals? Provided an alternate ground path from battery to the chassis? What is the battery voltage?
I haven't cleaned the battery terminals, though I believe to have good contacts. I have not provided any other ground path from the battery, nor have I measured the battery voltage. The battery is relatively new.

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With this "rapid fire" is the fuel pump cycling on and off?
Yes, the fuel pump would go through it's "start up" cycle repeatedly while the injectors were clicking away.

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The Motronic has to see a pulsing input from the HES to fire the injectors as far as I am aware. Normal operation of the fuel pump is one short burst with each on/off ignition cycle. If you switch on but do not start the engine there is no further activity from the pump.I do not think that the initial pump priming is accompanied by an injector pulse. If the ignition power is intermittent because of a loose ground, bad ignition or kill switch then the fuel pump prime might repeat.
I believe you are correct, and that's what baffled me. It's not like the power was simply coming on and off repeatedly, although the fuel pump was cycling again and again, the injectors were firing. This does not happen during normal power-up.

Originally Posted by vintagerider View Post
If the crank is stationary I do not see how the injectors can receive a pulse from the ecu. Is anyone aware of Motronic firing even one pulse to injectors at power up if the crank has not moved?
My feeling is that if it was the HES, or more likely it's wiring is affected by the heat, or if water had gotten into and around a group of poorly insulated wires, that might send a false signal that the crank is in a position it is not. Possibly repeatedly.

Some other conditions observed prior to the problem that may or may not be related:

I had observed an overnight battery drain even after installing a new battery. I got into the habit of plugging the battery into a charger overnight, postponing any diagnostics (as I mentioned earlier, electrics are not my area of knowledge, expertise or interest).

The day before the initial event, the RID was found to be frozen in a reading from the previous day. Temperature, time and fuel level was in a state of suspended animation. I remember this had happened previously but not recently. To remedy, I simply disconnected the negative battery terminal for several seconds, then reconnected. The RID seemed to have reset itself. At the time I attributed this to the battery drain issue.

I've been having a problem with the ABS. Needs to be reset once a day, which I don't do as I think the ABS is BS, and if I rely on it I feel I don't know how to use my brakes. The first couple of times it goes through it's cycle it's fine, but the third or so time it ends with a much louder "clunk", and I notice the ABS lights are flashing alternately. For whatever reason, I didn't look into it and again attributed this problem to a weak battery.

Maybe some of this info helps, I do want to get to the bottom of what's going on with the bike, and I would like to fix the battery-drain and ABS issues. I wonder if the ignition switch condition could have contributed to the battery drain? I didn't charge the battery overnight last night and it started up just fine today, although the ABS is still malfunctioning in the manner described above. Hmmm....

Thanks again.

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