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But, this is a GS bike not a sport or track machine where one routinely lays down in the curves as it should be.
Yeah. But some of us like to eff with the "less than stellar" sport-bikers on a tight twisty road where their 200 hp advantage don't help them for shit. It is terrible fun.

The route I draw for our Rally is just such a route. Loose dirt, hard rocks, powder caliche, but also some tight, tight one lane paved "not race-track smooth" goat-paths where a long travel GS can be king against a sport-bike in less than expert hands, and some big sweepers where you are dialing up the big pig to some un-impressive top speed numbers with the throttle pinned in 5th. We don't go after the sport-bikes on that last section. But on that little stuff? Yeah. It's on.

It's how I like to ride so , for me, the K60 gives up too much twisty road performance but , like I said, I can see other trips where it might be my tire of choice.
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