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[QUOTE give any honda part numbers to Zanottis in pennsylvania. ]

I'm pretty sure Zanottis is closed as of last year. At least that is what google is telling me. I'm using Powersports plus for most of the items as well as ebay.

The circlip and ballbearing are most likely NOT part of the bike, too small. They were stuck to the magnetic tray the
other parts came in... At least I got a nice Craftsman magnetic tray out of the deal!

Just waiting on parts! if my gaskets come in I can reassemble the crankcase anyway...

I've been reading the Minsk thread as I wait. Now that is some funny stuff! Can't wait for it to continue!

Here's a picture of my Hondazuki I built last summer for the price of 'next to nothing'.

This is before I added the gas tank. The oiler bottle made a great test tank for its first ride! I hand crafted the brackets for the engine out of scrap metal. The exhaust is probably the worst part of the bike. 2-stroke exhaust, cut
modified, with water pipe involved. The engine is a 2001 XR100R. I got it for free with bent valves (because of the timing chain). That's Alaska in the background.

Back to XR600's!
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