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Originally Posted by vintagerider View Post
Please follow each step of the advice -already given- starting with battery terminal cleaning/tightening. This means effectively cleaning the wires and batt terminals until they are shinny. Post the battery voltage that you find over-night before starting out, without charging. If the engine cranks, post the cranking voltage.

If you don't have a decent digital multi-meter then get one. You may be annoyed or un-interested in electrical but that is part of riding. At least you are home where you can get help. I think that you can resolve this if you want to, otherwise be prepared for lengthy delays and high repair bill. It is a mistake to assume things like "battery is new therefore it must be o.k." 90% of the time the fault is right in the battery or terminals.
Thanks for all your interest and help. I am flying to the east coast tomorrow for one month so I won't be able to continue the diagnostics until I return. I will check and make note of the battery and cranking voltage (by this I assume you mean the voltage showing while cranking the motor to start) in the morning.

I do have a good multimeter, and I'm not annoyed by electrical work, just very unfamiliar.

I've been riding for over 29 years and have only owned one new bike out of at least eleven motorcycles I have had in that time. I have always performed my own maintenance, obviously including some electrical work among a lot of mechanical work. I have crossed the US on this bike 4 times, ridden motorcycles through 44 United States, Canada and 14 European countries. Two of my current and running bikes are restorations I have completed on early 1960s Hondas. This should give you a good idea that I know what motorcycle ownership entails.

I make no assumptions, I'm confident in my abilities and I'm honest about my limitations.

I am also eager to increase my knowledge and I appreciate you helping me with this issue.

Thing is, as it stands, the bike seems to be doing well besides what I believe might be a battery drain of some sort. I'll measure the voltage in the morning and let you know what I find.

I will check the wiring harness near the battery tray as you describe, and if the event occurs again I will make note of as much as I can, including what the dashboard lights and RID are doing, and if I notice any relays doing anything related.

Again, I appreciate it, and thank you!

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