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After the Spag rally, it was off to play in the high country, accompanied by McArdigan on his way home to Stratford via the Dargo High Planes Road. With the intention to ride over to a pub called the "Blue Duck" via the falls creek to Glen Willes road, but at Mt Beauty the sign was out that the road was closed.
The locals said that it had been closed all year, and didn't know why, could have been trees down, or flood damage, so plan A was out.
Plan B, much to McCardigan's heart, was over Toowonga gap to Bright, where the boutique brewery would ensure a good nights sleep.

The lookout on the gap road.

The pub at bright were we stayed.

The top of the Dargo road.

Chris's computer was saying 1 degree, and flashing to warn about ice.

After Chris departed, Dan and I continued up over Mt Hotham and snow.

Chris had suggested taking to the back road, and an old log hauling steam engine in the high country, called the Washington engine.

The Mille was struggling with the slippery conditions, but it was Dan's Triumph that bit the mud.

We were heading to a set of huts at Benley Plains, One hut is called the "Russian Villa" and on the other side of the river was a shelter shed and small hut called the "Bush Hilton", where we settled in for the evening and night.

Russian Villa

The site is high, 1147 meters according to my GPS, so it was going to be cool, the thermometer was reading 1 degree C, 33.8 Degrees F, at 6PM, but the morning say my thermometer reading -10 degrees C, 14 degrees F.

I had slung my Hennessey Hammock inside the shelter shed, while Dan had setup inside the small hut.
I wanted to see if my ExPed down mat could do duty as the under quilt on the hammock, which it did do, but undid itself from my restraints during the nigh, and moved away at the foot end to give me cool feet.

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