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Thumb Superlace!

Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
The 950 and 990 spokes are already oversize anyway so not much benefit there
Superlace isn't just bigger spokes, it's changing the angles the spokes enter the hub Spend a few minutes searching OC for the pics of our dented rims with our "oversize" spokes

My buddy knows/rides with Chris Jones who has been competing in the Dakar races for years now & Woody did a set of Superlace wheels for him... not a single spoke lose, broken or bent over the entire race duration while the rims remained true. To put it in perspective it is usually a daily problem with repairs in the rest periods at night. That's a pretty good testimony if you ask me.

I'd build the front rim as strong as you can- personally I'd like it to be nuclear-proof as it's the narrower front that takes the most damage with the least amount of tire/tube air volume to handle it.

I've seen so many DID Dirt Star rims bent at the KTM/Husaberg/GasGas shop that I'm not as impressed with them as some people seem to be.

Call Woody & ask questions- they'll tell you what they know, and set you up with the stuff to do it yourself if you wanna save $ or learn to do it yourself. I'd think spending the money (if you have it) will provide you with wheels you don't have to worry about for years- kinda like painting a car or soldering- the difference in what you can do vs. someone that has done thousands of them is worth considering spending your hard-earned cash on.
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