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where are the pedals?
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About six weeks ago I broke my wrist in a little head-on collision with another dirt biker on a narrow bit of singletrack. Good reason to try not to ride in popular areas. Seeing as how I am stubborn/pig-headed, I decided against a pesky cast, and went with something that I could take off for the shower. I even wore it for at least 2 weeks.

So now it is 95% healed and seeing as my Mexico-gland was completely empty, and I was apparently cranky, Rollergirl made a fantastic suggestion that I bugger-off across the the border for a bit of smile/dirt therapy. Thanks Wifey!

Now, I hadn't been riding my big bike very much, seeing as how I couldn't really afford the maintenance on it. I had bit the bullet and taken it in to All American KTM. These guys are great and really know their way around orange bikes. New rear brake master cylinder, new water pump, fixed fuel pump problems, cleaned out the fine dirt that had made its way out of the Mexican gas and for some reason stopped in the throttle bodies, fixed some air sensor issues, installed a pre-filter for the air, and even changed the oil. The bike runs better than new.

TravelToad showed up Friday evening at my house after a little bit of southern California freeway lane splitting fun. Of course, I was not ready, and I was busy coming down with a cold. I needed one more night in my cozy bed to let the cold get well established.

Here I am frantically packing/dicking-around while TT waits very patiently.

TT took some arty pics, and we left pretty early Saturday in a light drizzle. Brand new non-DOT nobby tire on the front of my bike. Took me quite a while to feel confident. Passed a guy on a Hardley and his buddy on an older Gsx 1100 on our way to Tecate. "Hey,we just got passed by 2 big dirt bikes!!!!!".

As soon as we crossed the border, the sun came out and we headed SE.

Took this little trail to check that my wrist was fully healed.

This pic shows my fancy new fuel-cells.

where does that road go?

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