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Originally Posted by cliffy109 View Post
I've seen a few people suggest this combo and I guess I don't get it. Shouldn't the rear tire be the one with the big tread blocks for better grip on wet, muddy surfaces?

Seriously, I really don't claim to understand so don't take this as a question of your experience. I would very much like to learn from the experiences of others. It just seems counter-intuitive to me. Please educate me. I do mostly pavement but would like to find a combo that allows me to get off road a few times a year without compromising too much of my handling and performance the rest of the time.
That's my usual go to combo. It is very popular in Texas where our pavement chews up TKC rear tires in 2000 miles. The front TKC sticks in loose caliche turns and as long as you don't care what your rear tire is doing back there lol you just keep spinning happily along. And yeah. It don't rain much around here. So no mud.

You can wear a TKC out in a long weekend to big bend from Central Texas. High speed 500 out. 500 dirt. High speed 500 back. Toast.

And that TKC front don't slow me down a bit on the street. Till about the 3500 mile mark when it looks like the jagged Tetons. Then it will jar your teeth out. lol
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