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Originally Posted by geometrician View Post
The OP asked about Superlacing and nobody had answered his question so far... one even mentioned spoke size which just confuses things for someone asking us for help making an informed decision

as for "not alone in this" bad experiences with Woodys, where are the pics & posts? Share that with us

Woody & the gang will spend time on the phone with you answering endless questions and will even straighten your stock rims for you & re-use all your stock spokes & nipples- while you wait if you're on a road trip if need be. They don't seem to care if you spend "the most" and offer every option of hubs, spokes, rims & lacing techniques there is.

"sort of a dark art"? aura of bullshit, indeed. No pissing contest here
My rims are MEGALACED... which trumps Superlaced by a factor of 10 piss points. About the same though in terms of actual reality. I thought by Superlaced, they meant lacing the wheels cross 3 with longer (heavier) spokes to effect a more rigid structure when the wheel leads into a whack. Rigidity is also a function of the rims rigidity itself, spoke gauge, assembly torque, tires, pressure, even the mount and its initial compression all factor.

The ones I've seen, "Superlaced", were stock hubs with a Jap patterned rim, X3 on one side and X2 on the other...which is strange, half-super, half normal.
. Which imho would set the wheel up for dealing with disproportionate moments of deflection when its whacked. X3 is nice, and surely lends more impact resistance, but its not necessary... even with a correct hub allowing for proper X3 on either side. I'm not convinced anyway, that this sort of assembly makes for a better wheel.
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