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Originally Posted by Zoef zoef View Post

The measured 9V during cranking is somewhat on the low side.
On your problem, one of the classic symptoms associated with HES failure is the rpm on your dash going haywire, ie bouncing up and down. HES failure is usually the wires shorting, this can result in having more switching than one per revolution.
Thank you for addressing this. I don't recall the tachometer doing anything strange during the original failure. I do still believe the HES wiring could be the cause of the problem.

I do believe the battery drain issue is coincidental, unless it can be attributed to a poor connection or mis-connection in the ignition switch AND the original symptom of the injectors misfiring can also be attributed to the same.

If the battery stops draining quickly and the symptoms of the original event do not recur after every effort to duplicate the symptoms I will have to assume my ignition switch was at fault.

I will continue to monitor the battery, and take short rides on the bike trying to duplicate the symptoms.

So far, since my ignition switch discovery, I have repeatedly and successfully started and ridden the bike with no return of the problem. The only thing I haven't done is wash it again, which I will do when I return in 1 month in an attempt to duplicate all circumstances surrounding the original event.

Thanks again to all for the help!
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