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Originally Posted by runnin4melife View Post
Yeah I bought some HP and HTE, I got the HTE after the I decided I wanted to make the radiator guard a week ago. I ran 4 layers with the HTE. I wanted to make it really stiff. I think I used a little too much resin on this one as it began to pool/drip after I started the cure, I just put it on an angle and the excess ran off so no worries.

Also on the radiator guard, I spoke with my father regarding this and he recommended just drafting a template on CF and using a small router tip to carve out the stuff. He said the CNC machine wont like the CF. I think he is full of it and doesn't want to risk something weird happening so that is what I will have to do. He is very specific about his stuff and since I am not there I cannot sneak in and do it.
Ha ha ha........ I think CF vs cnc mill.... the mill wins......... Worst case you need to clean the bit from gummed up resin. Best case.... you have the only CF rad guard in the world. I think, if you use the hte, and control the ratio's...... bake it at 350 deg as last step...... then go easy, like if there is a way to control the fwd. movement of the mill, or gnaw a little here,,,,,and there....back to here.... it could be done...... Me tinks. I'd like to see it done.......

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