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Really crappy ride report

Took off from Minnesota 10-1. Left on my trusty KLR that I tore down relubed put together ordered all sorts of new parts(he-manish foot pegs, the XCR silencer, megablaster horn, all spare cables, levers, filters, bulbs, fuses, plugs, oil plug you name it. Entered Mexico 10/10 on a 2012 V Strom that I can't fix have no spare parts for and never even made it thru the owners manual. I was heading down I35 just coming up on Austin Tx where I was excited to be spending the night. It was about 8pm and I heard clanking sound, smelled and saw burning oil took her off the freeway onto frontage off frontage into the front lawn of a Harley accessories and repair shop. I set up my tent and went to the big Harley bar next door for Margaritas. Next morning the Harley place says they want nothing to do with my problem. Directly across the freeway was large multi Japanese bike dealer. I hop the freeway went inside Central Texas Power Sports in Grapevine texas. I spoke to a nice young service manager who had my bike picked up and over to there shop in no time. Heres the diagnosis. The bearings went bad surrounding the shaft which connects to the countershaft sprocket. When it went it started breaking loose it was breaking apart the outer case metal. Shot motor on a KLR with 27k miles and lots of cool extras, Happy trail Panniers, all motor guards, LED flashing brake lights strobe day hi-beam.

It was time to start shopping. Settled on the V Strom 650 ABS Adventure. Jump to today and 4150 miles later as I sit outside my hotel room, hot inside, in CD Cahutemonco minutes from the Guatemalan border which I will cross in am.
Now here is why this report is going to suck: I dont know how to upload photos on the site, hell I got a great one of the KLR damage as it sat on the lift in Tx, next I am not going to pay full attention to spelling the names of towns, I'll get in the ballpark. But here is a summary of Mexico. Never ever hassled by anyone, cops,federates, inebriated mexicans, no one. The land is gorgeous and I didn't expect that. Yes you can camp, I have 13 or so nights under my belt and camped 5 of them. Zipotle beach south of Puerto Escondido is not to be missed, great beach cheap posadas small and you will know people by the end of just 3days. Met a kid there Jon from the UK and he is "hitching" his way from South America (Ushia by way of Buenos Aires, thru to San Fran then across us to NY. Now here is the interesting point for this forum. When he arrived in Columbia and couldn't afford to sail or fly to Panama, the folks in the last Columbian town told him how he could walk it. He did, keeping the sea to his right at all times, using a machete, found two abandoned camps along the way and of course like my trip Solo. More crappy reporting to come. Oh and the V strom rocks.
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